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We are committed to offering the highest quality hardscaping, landscaping,  and lawn services!

Bare Lawn Care offers custom designed decorative natural stone paver patios walls  and custom landscape lighting.  We offer traditional lawn services like mulch, bed clean-ups, tree trimming and ground works.  Our team is skilled in creating a custom look and feel for your property.  Please review our designs that integrate rock, mulch, and paver landscapes!  

We service the Greater Harrisburg Area, including Hershey.  We want to transform your outdoor living area into a place of tranquility and usable space.  We want to inspire a restful and relaxing extended living space for you and your family. 

Create a beautiful escape!

Explore our Gallery of custom designs and projects.  Our projects range from small, medium to large in scale and scope.

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We call ourselves BareLawn Care because we want you feel so comfortable in your yard, that you will enjoy it Barefoot!

Beautiful Thick Lawns

First of all, do you know your turf!  Do you know what type of grass seed will respond the best for our climate?  BARE Lawn Care does! Additionally, we will advise you on synthetic fertilizers, aeration, and seeding.  CALL NOW and we are happy to tell you more about it!

Manicured Lawn Service

At Bare Lawn Care, we know that your time is valuable.  Please allow us to treat you to a custom tailored lawn to your design! A beautiful lawn and property with profound curb appeal will not only make you feel proud but allow you to conserve your energy for the more important things in life!  

Best In Class

We pride ourselves in professionalism.  When working with Bare Lawn Care, you can be assured that you are getting the top of line service.  Our customers concerns are our concerns and we take your lawn very seriously.  You can count on our professional opinion regarding all of your lawn care needs. 

Get A Lawn Check Up!

The first step in going the organic route with an existing lawn is beefing up weakened soil, which means starting with a soil test. Bare Lawn Care will conduct several tests to review what nutrients are lacking and which organic amendments you’ll need to incorporate.  Bare Lawn Care will develop a strong base for your beautiful grass to grow!

Customized Lawn Care

  • We use  natural, organic-based fertilizers
  • Promoting the deep root growth of grass to better absorb water and nutrients
  • Replenishing depleted soils to help plants withstand disease and stress
  • Targeting damaging pests and leaving beneficial insects unharmed


Jared Ebersole


Meet Jared, the founder of the BARE Lawn Care!  He is passionate about all things lawn care.  My motivation for BARE Lawn Care is to give our clients a best in class experience using the cleanest resources available.  Please reach out to our team and schedule a free consult today! 



Our mission is to be CLEAN and GREEN! We believe in clean lawns that our children, pets, and families can all enjoy!



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