Spring is in the air and you can benefit from certain curb appeal tactics.  The is nothing like the smell of spring.  The dew in the air and the smell of the fresh lawn clippings.  If you are planning to sell your home or are just looking to brighten up your curbside, Spring is the time to start to do some planning.

Older homes may have some overgrown shrubs and trees that need a fresh clipping, It is no secret that landscaping can increase the value of your home. Overgrown plants came make a home look run down, so it is important to trim back necessary hedges and create as many clean lines on your property.  This includes, edging around all of your walkways and hard surfaces.  If your lawn’s appearance is boring, you can easily add in some flowers and draw attention to your beds.

Another way to differentiate your home from other’s in the neighborhoods, is the corporation of hardscapes.  These structures add value and create a rich appearance throughout your lawn.  Not only will they add a rich view, but they also offer functionality and texture to your yard.  If you live in a development with homes that look similar- enhanced flower beds, hardscaping, and a properly manicured lawn may set you apart from every other house on the block.


The best time to prune trees and shrubs is just before the plant breaks dormancy after spring’s final frost. In the spring, always cut a quarter of an inch above the healthy bud.  You want the cut to be also sloping away so the pruning wound heals quickly. You can evaluate the health of your shrubs and trees by looking for any branches that are off-color.  This can indicate disease or a winter injury.  If you have any questions about the health of a tree or shrub, you can always break off a piece of the injured limb and take to your local nursery.  Most likely, they will be able to point you to the cause.

Rose bushes can be sensitive, so it is best to double check with your local nursery on how to prune these back. In general, rose bushes are typically pruned in the spring.  Roses are a landscaping favorite and they can create beautiful splashes of color to your flower beds.  If you are looking to create a fragrance garden, roses can be the staple in the bed.  However, beware that knock out roses, although beautiful appearance, does not have the same fragrance as other rose species.


The correct mulch for your beds can inhibit weed growth, and hold in the necessary moisture needed to protect plants from heavy wind, rain, and even the strong rays of the sun.  Mulching creates a great visual appeal to flower beds and can be a worthy investment to boos the curbside value of your home.  Even though this can add a beautiful curb appeal, it is important to use the correct depth of mulch in a flower bed.  If you apply too much mulch to a given area, you can promote disease and an unhealthy environment for your flowers, trees and shrubs.  Contact BARE Lawn care to consult you on the correct amount of mulch for aesthetic appeal!

Power Washing

Finally, now that spring is here, there are some hard surfaces around your home that can be touched up by a good pressure wash.  This can take years off of your siding, walkways and hard surfaces around your home.  Pressure washing can also be a CLEAN WAY to maintain your home.  Rather than using chemicals, simply applying water at increased force can clean the dirtiest surfaces.

CONTACT BARE Lawn Care today if you are looking to enhance your curb appeal. We would love the opportunity to help you enhance your curbside appeal.